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I am a people person and have always been, from waitering to teaching tennis in the USA all the these factors have lead to my own personal progression for being an Assistant Director. When I look back at all my experience and how detailed I am with everything in life it represents the establishing of a career which is perfect for me. I have worked within the Film and Television industry in AUSTRALIA, I went to Australia for a year on a working holiday visa with my girlfriend (a production Co-Ordinator) March '13-March '14. Within one month of being in Australia I had dailies as a 3rd AD, within the year I had worked on 12 productions both TV and Film and managed to work on Australia's biggest television show for 5months called 'Offspring'. As my visa was running out I was offered by a Television company 'Southern Star John Edwards' to be sponsored to stay in Australia. I was very honoured to be offered such a chance but my heart wanted to be in the UK.

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