If you can not find your question listed below, please contact us directly at admin@adauk.org.


Are your training courses open to non-members?

Non-members are welcome, but will pay a higher fee than ADA or BECTU members to take part.

What training courses do you run?

We run various training courses throughout year. Please go to our Training page  or email training@adauk.org  for latest news on upcoming courses.

Do you have a Trainee programme?

The ADA Trainee Programme will be launching mid-2017. Please email training@adauk.org  for latest details.


How do I join the ADA?

Easy – just click here for more information.

Do I have to be a member of BECTU to join the ADA?

No, you do not have to be a member of BECTU to join the ADA. However, BECTU members do get reduced membership rates.

What documents do I need to join the ADA?

A detailed CV, illustrating your experience in the film industry.

What are the membership fees?

The one off administration fee (if applicable) and annual subscription fees are displayed on the Join page under each grade of membership.

Can I pay online?

A one off administration fee is payable by Paypal online.

Subscriptions are payable by bank standing order directly to our bank account

Do I have to pay by Standing Order?

Standing orders are automatic and save us considerable time chasing subscriptions. This is the only method we accept for payments at present.

How long will it take me to become a member?

Once we have all your details and you have paid the administration fee we hope that it will take no more than  a month. This will also depend on getting answers from your references.

How do I find out about the ADA Student Programme?

Click on the ADA Student tab for the latest information. All enquires about the Programme can be emailed direct to richard@adauk.org

I was a member in the past, how do I renew my membership?

If you have let your membership lapse and we still have your details you are welcome to rejoin. But you will still have to pay the administration fee again.

What are your bank account details?

Barclays Bank
Sort code : 20 – 90 – 56
A/C No.: 83 90 26 68


I have lost my log in details and/or password.

Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

How do I update my CV or other details on my members page?

Click “edit profile” on your profile page. Or follow this link. 

How do I apply for membership online?

Go to the join page, read the Terms and conditions of becoming a member and download the application form.

Where can I find copies of the latest T&C’s?

Go to the join page, where you will find a link to them

How do I get on the ADA Facebook forum?

Email us at admin@adauk.org with your Facebook email address. You will then receive an invitation on your Facebook page. This will then be checked by the moderators and you will be given notice of acceptance.

What is your postal address?

c/o Production Switchboard Media, 8-9 Stephen Mews, London W1T 1AF