Ten good tips for a clearer CV

Putting together the members pages of this website has led to seeing well over a hundred CV’s from our department. It would be good share a few thoughts on what makes them tick… what stands out …and what doesn’t. Particularly aimed at those who are not long established 1st AD’s, but rather those starting their […]

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ADA & BECTU: The relationship

ADA & BECTU: THE RELATIONSHIP What are the differences and what are both groups trying to achieve? Through the BECTU AD’s BRANCH we now have a voice in all the ongoing negotiations with PACT and other employer groups such as the APA and other certified Independents, working for larger companies such as BBC, ITV, etc. […]

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Looking for a great AD or set runner?

This is it. The best place to find the very finest assistant directors in the UK. Go to “Find an AD”, choose the grade you are searching for, check out their latest CV, find links to their websites, to IMDB, or even enter a city outside London if you are looking for someone away from […]

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