The ADA represents and promotes the interests of all Assistant Directors living and working in the UK. Our members cover all types of filming worldwide

Our aims –

  • We aim to improve standards through training and the sharing of information and experience;
  • We search for ways to improve working conditions and health & safety standards throughout the industry;
  • We seek to establish fair pay levels and working conditions for all our members;
  • We are building an organisation which can speak on behalf of its AD Members, entering into reasonable discussions with employers and other professional bodies when needed;
  • We do not believe in, nor do we seek to establish any form of ‘closed shop’ and respect the promotion of individuals through merit;
  • We passionately believe that British AD’s are amongst the best in the world – we aim to build on that excellence and develop our strengths as a key department of film production in the UK;
  • We hope you will join us.

Our story so far –

The ADA was formed in 2008 by a group of Assistant Directors who felt that the AD department needed better cohesion to improve it’s lot.

We wanted to create a unified voice to represent the interests of our department across the industry and to benefit from the mutual support that an association can offer. The ADA Constitution was written, a Committee convened and our first website was launched. In 2012, the ADA hired its first part-time administrator.

Membership is growing at a steady pace and now exceeds 170 members – the majority of whom work in commercials but a growing number work in TV and features.

The ADA Assistant Directors Forum on Facebook has facilitated much more effective communication and the launch of the AD Grapevine allows instant communication about work issues.

A primary aim of the ADA is to provide an industry-recognised training for assistant directors, helping them to gain on-set experience and off-set qualifications through the ADA Traineeship and Student Programme. We recognise that these new members will be the future of our organisation and our industry.

The ADA has a close working relationship with BECTU through its AD Branch and we continue to forge strong relationships with film schools, training providers and other leading industry organisations.

The recently-agreed BECTU / ADA Rate Card for Film & TV is having a positive effect on AD’s rates of pay and we are fast becoming the unified voice for the AD Department in the UK.

Whatever level you are at in our department, please join us and benefit from an association which will represent and promote your interests and help you to become a first class Assistant Director.

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Current administration (May 2018):