Try the new digital callsheet On Set Updates

On Set Updates is a modern way to keep your entire crew up to date with progress on set. From the strike crew waiting to hear that the scene is complete to the production coordinator watching for the first turnover of the day, the On Set Updates system keeps everyone’s fingers on the pulse.

The service consists of an online system to upload and manage the current shooting day, paired with our free, simple to use mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.
We automatically detect all the information required from your callsheet PDF, creating a live updating, digital version of your shooting day. You can then mark scenes as complete and log first turnovers, meal breaks and wrap times all with a couple of swipes in the mobile app, alerting you entire crew of the day’s progress.

Signing up is free for any production, with the first 5 days of the shoot included. After that, the cost is only £5 + VAT per shooting day for unlimited crew members, paid for by the production.
ADA members can benefit from an extended trial period, just contact us online for more information.
Find out more at and feel free to contact Alex, the creator of On Set Updates and ADA member, at if you have any questions.