ADA & BECTU: The relationship

ADA & BECTU: THE RELATIONSHIP What are the differences and what are both groups trying to achieve?

Through the BECTU AD’s BRANCH we now have a voice in all the ongoing negotiations with PACT and other employer groups such as the APA and other certified Independents, working for larger companies such as BBC, ITV, etc. and smaller film productions who are acting as a subdivision of the larger studios or have larger studio, or production groups backing them.

Having an AD’s Branch has enabled us to participate fully in these ongoing talks about terms and conditions, which we would have been excluded from if we had stayed purely on our own as the ADA. Having AD’s present at these talks has also helped negotiations in some areas as we are the one department that can see both sides of the argument.

There are many other things that BECTU can help AD’s with, such as easing the process of setting up a skillset qualification for runners and AD’s (if we think this is required), we have been talking about this for a long time now and BECTU have all the admin in place already to assist in this process.

Also it was with the monetary input of BECTU that the Grapevine system has been set up and with their help it is now moving forward to any easier text based system.

BECTU also has many areas that we can use to our benefit, such as Public Liability and general Insurance, health and medical care and a variety of other legal and business aides.

The ADA seems to be much stronger however in building a co-operative and strong group of involved AD’s. Through this network the ADA can easily deal with questions regarding Rates of pay. With both groups being on the Grapevine the ADA can get any rate changes out to members and discourage anyone undercutting fellow members.

The ADA aims to be the sign of excellence for AD’s. With the future plans of a diary service and database as the go to place for productions to get the best AD’s in the country. The one place to go for training, climbing the AD ladder and AD solidarity, but this is still a way off.

The ADA is a way from having the industry clout needed to push for formal meetings with employers, however BECTU is still unfairly regarded with suspicion by many.

ADA and BECTU need more active members who can spread the work load, this would help speed things along, rather than a small group of individuals continuing to try and push things forward, delegation is only possible if there are those to delegate things to.

BECTU include ADA members on the Grapevine and the ADA will include BECTU members on its FB pages. It would be useful for the committees of both to comprise of more joint members. We’ve fought long and hard to include ADA members on the BECTU grapevine, we need to stay together working closely as two groups representing AD’s.