Moving up with ADA training

Training will be a big part of the future of the ADA. We are planning a number of different courses in the coming months.

These will range from First Aid and H&S to Movie Magic Scheduling and as well as more practical hands on courses covering many aspects of the film making process.

It will only be a matter of time before insurance companies will require certain standards of safety and management of film shoots. Already in California it is compulsory for AD’s to take a Health & Safety course.The ADA will be at the forefront of meeting those eventual demands and ensuring that being an ADA Assistant Director means quality and excellence in the ability to run a safe shoot.

When insurance companies will require that the absolute best are in control of film shoots, especially those involving dangerous and life threatening situations we, as ADA Assistant Directors will be the recognised as the best to do that job.

We are also in discussion with the National Film School about  plans they have to launch a new Assistant Directors course in 2016. We feel strongly that the ADA can help create and advise on what could become the best pathway towards becoming a top class assistant director.

We want a major part of that course to be on-set experience with real productions. There is no substitute for the incredibly varied day to day challenges that an Assistant Director faces on a production.

More news on this soon.