ADA Student

ADA Student Programme

What is it?

The ADA Student Programme is designed to offer film & media students the chance to get first-hand experience of a professional film shoot. There are currently up to 20,000 people studying film & media at film schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Many would benefit from the practical experience offered by the new ADA student programme.

The ADA has a broad and highly experienced membership that represents the very best Assistant Directors throughout the UK. Working in all forms of TV, Drama and Commercial production, our members are at the heart of the film-making process. We are frequently contacted by newcomers of all ages, looking for the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of film & TV production and to start their career in this highly competitive business.

By inviting students to observe our shoots, and maybe helping the AD team in a minor way, this Programme will offer valuable insight in to the work of an Assistant Director and the wider production process.

How does it work?

The programme will be entirely facilitated through the ADA and its website.

A new ADA Student section (found under ‘Find an AD’) will list students who have signed up to the programme. Those ADA members who wish to take part in the project by inviting them to shoots will also have an icon on their Profile page, indicating their willingness to be contacted for set visits via the website.

The set visits, which could be for one or more days, are not paid positions and should not be considered an alternative to using a Set Runner. We will encourage productions to provide catering for the students and to add their names to call sheets as an ADA Student. Students will also be issued with identifiable set wear and will be briefed on safety procedures and on-set protocol.  In order to monitor the progress of the programme, students will be asked to add details of their visits to their individual entries on the ‘Find an AD’ pages.

The ADA are dedicated to developing highly skilled Assistant Directors.  Helping students to gain this valuable experience early on will help them start to build a network of contacts, create a greater understanding of what an Assistant Director does and witness the professional shooting process.

We very much hope that you will be able to help and support the training of this next generation who want to join our great industry and we look forward to your suggestions and questions about the ADA Student Programme.

Please email with any questions or suggestions.