New T&Cs proposal

Today we have on the site our proposal for Drama Terms and Conditions. You can find them under the member's ...

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Spreading the word

For many people one of the main reasons for joining the ADA is to broaden their opportunities for work. This site ...

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Useful APPS

We just launched a new page for the members, it has over 80 apps suggestions for your iphone, ipads and ...

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The Job Pinboard

Another great benefit to our growing membership starts today. We are  launching the new Job Pinboard. A great place to ...

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New join page. October 2014

We have now completed the changes to the joining process.
Please follow the instructions having clicked on the Join tab above.

Joining process update. September 2014

We are in the process of changing the application procedure for new members. The new page describing the process with links to application forms and terms of membership will soon be going live. In the meantime please email  for further information and the relevant paperwork for your application.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ADA.

New joining fee in August 2014

As from the beginning of August 2014 the ADA will be introducing a joining fee. This will be a very reasonable £20.  This is substantially less than all other guilds and associations in our industry and will also help us to finance ongoing administration costs and help fund the new ADA national survey. This aims to gather information about all areas of production across the UK and help build a better picture of pay and conditions both in film and TV. We hope, if you are considering applying for membership you will do so soon in order to avoid paying this new fee.

The new ADA Volunteer Scheme

Over the past six months we have been discussing the introduction of a new grade of membership designed to attract students who are on one of the many film and media courses up and down the country. We are very aware that many of these students would benefit from the experience of witnessing the shooting part of the film making process.  We are now nearer to the launch of what will now be called the ADA Volunteer Scheme.  This is not a trainee or intern position. Nor is it to become a source of free labour for productions. It is designed to introduce newcomers to our industry, invite them to shoots which ADA 1st AD’s are on and let them see what our work entails. They will not be paid, and can be invited to take part in the shoot at the discretion of the 1st AD. We will shortly be setting up a special page on the site to list these new members. There will be a limited number of places available and a limited number of days that the Volunteers can be invited to shoots. There will be a small yearly fee to be included in the scheme. We hope that productions will agree to re-imburse travel costs and feed the volunteer while on the set. More news soon.

A great film by member Jordan Stone

This thursday the 9th of January sees the UK premiere of Irwin & Fran by ADA member Jordan Stone

‘Riverside Studios welcomes filmmaker Jordan Stone for the UK premiere of his fascinating documentary about 99-year-old comedian and political satirist, Professor Irwin Corey. We are thrilled to offer the first chance to see this rich and delicate portrait of a colourful, vivacious character.’

Members are offered concession prices if they mention the ADA when purchasing tickets.

Visit for more information



A happy and busy new year to everyone. We hope that all was well during the festive season.

2014 looks like a busy year for us as we bring some exciting new ideas to fruition. 

All the best for the year ahead!


A great evening was had by all. A varied mix of short films followed by cliffhanger suspense as the votes were counted. And the medal winner is……. ( a long pause as the camera cuts around the contestants) ………. Michela Marini  with her tense psychological drama Mindtrap.

Second place went to Luis Urena with his beautiful film from Panama called Coiba.

Congratulations to one and all for a really great selection of films.



Useful APPS

We just launched a new page for the members, it has over 80 apps suggestions for your iphone, ipads and any other smartphone/tablet that you can think of. Read the rest of this entry →

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